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Cross-media creativity for the corporate and industrial world

  • Our partnership with Showpad offers the best of both worlds.
  • We're the expert in creative B2B communications. 
  • We turn Showpad into a powerful selling tool that allows you to analyze what is most effective.
  • Our focus at B·U·T is to take a pitch to the next level, and beyond. 


From technical or price calculator to product presentation, from sales tool to customer survey, our interactive content is a perfect match to the Showpad platform.

We create custom interactive experiences that will wow prospects and leave a lasting impression.

Multinational companies around the world have found us to be a reliable partner, driven by straightforward core values like 100% quality and keeping every promise we make. We're experienced in creating diverse conceptual and content production services using interactive, VR/AR, web, apps, graphics, and video, guaranteeing the right mix and the optimal technology for any marketing/communications project.

Our focus at B·U·T is to take a pitch to the next level, and beyond. 




What you see is what you get… until our augmented reality content kicks in, superimposing information that is not really there. We make any product, photograph or object come to life and enlighten the user with animated or video content.


Put on the goggles and enter your virtual world - lifelike, somewhat real or totally imaginary. We create your custom virtual reality (VR) interactive experiences, with video and/or 3D animated ingredients and real-time tracking of headset and controllers. For marketing, training and service, an abundance of real world applications are ready to be discovered.


Mixed (or merged) reality devices hold an enormous potential ​for marketing, training, after-sales, troubleshooting, and so much more. Our engineers, designers and communication specialists translate your idea into a working holographic experience. With cross-media content and solid software development, our multi-disciplinary team will put the mix in your reality in record time.


We put your customer in control in trade fair booths, experience centers, commercial areas or training environments. Not only heightening the experience, but delivering usage information that traditional channels can not offer. We rely on a broad spectrum of interaction technologies and context aware software, presenting your products and services in a unique and exciting way.​


Video is a crucial ingredient in today’s corporate and industrial marketing, communications and training. We create high end videos with state-of-the-art equipment and in-house facilities, and specialists for every aspect of the creative and technical process.


The world around us is… all around us. And yet traditional video offers only a limited viewport on reality. Our specialists broaden your scope with professional 360 degree ​video productions. We create highly immersive experiences, effectively dealing with the practical challenges and the whole new approach to storytelling.


We offer a one-stop-shop approach to virtual studio recordings for business magazines, webinars, presentations, or virtual reality applications. The virtual set allows for cost effective studio shoots, not only for presenter setups but also for enabling “relocation” of a shot to any place on earth… or beyond, in a VR world.


Video productions, whether traditional or in 360°, and AR or VR projects all benefit from dynamic images from previously unattainable viewpoints. High above or traveling inside a factory building, our drone shots lift your project to a higher level. Created by experienced teams that are video professionals first, then pilots.


The obligatory corporate web presence has evolved into a multi-faceted PR, sales, marketing, training and support tool. We open your wwwindow to the world with responsive sites to the latest standards, dedicated or company-wide. We make sure that you are found on any device, and that your customers and prospects keep coming back for more.


We create cross-media, innovative and stylish apps for all your business needs… in marketing, training, HR or customer support. The ubiquity of mobile demands an always-on, always responsive service and our specialists will make sure you do not disappoint your stakeholders.


From simple presentation to a full-blown web-tv studio production, we can provide all required services to get your message across the web professionally and effectively. Do away with the 'talking heads' of a videochat and embrace live-tv productions that lift your communications to new heights.
We take care of the whole project, from technical studio infrastructure and streaming to the creation of support material such as business graphics, animations and pre-recorded video sequences.


Brochure or leaflet, key visual, poster, banner, logo or full corporate branding, presentation template or moodboard… we design professional graphics and publications that combine creativity with an in-depth knowledge of the corporate and industrial world.


From a high end logo animation to entire 3D worlds, from a technical animation of machinery to a conceptual infographic of a corporate strategy, we create diverse business related animations that enlighten, inform, teach, explain or simply show off… In two or three dimensions.


We know how to turn concepts that are relatively abstract, dry or full of numbers and charts into edu-taining animated infographics. Snappy and fun, with figures that come to life, charts that transform into objects or strategies that build up step by step.


In everyday use all over the world, and still we claim that we can add significant value to PowerPoint presentations. Professional graphics, the right word on the right slide, seamless videos that brings static pages to life, well-crafted animations and transitions… they will make you stand out.


Highly interactive cross-media e-learning content for the industry.
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    Digital Project Manager

    I would like to thank the entire B·U·T team for their great work, patience and creativity to target this final version of the MyGuide Showpad Experience!

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