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News App by bylt

Imagine providing your sales reps with one cohesive app where they can effortlessly access crucial updates, news, and insights without drowning in notifications and distractions throughout the day. That's what bylt is providing to all Showpad customers with this News App.


Unlock the full potential of your sales force with the News App from bylt. It's designed to transform how B2B companies inform their sales representatives, wherever they are. Seamlessly integrated with the Showpad platform, it serves as your gateway to keeping your sales teams informed in a centralised, dynamic, and targeted manner. Accessible on the devices they love to use, elevate your sales communication like never before!

You will be able to:
  • make the news app yours by adding your logo
  • create impactful articles by assigning image, title & description
  • bring additional information by linking to an asset or Showpad page
  • manage all of this in Showpad itself

We believe that communication with your sales teams should be as smooth and easy as possible. That's why we offer the News App for free. As an admin, it will empower you to elevate communication with your sales reps to the next level. As a sales rep, it helps to understand the power of Showpad and the importance of centralizing all sales tools in one place.


Business Impact

All in 1 place

Your sales reps have all the relevant information and news at their fingertips, easily accessible on their laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Whether they're grabbing their morning coffee or on the go, they're already informed about what's important for them.

Provide extra information

Having the right news at your fingertips is invaluable. Yet, immediate access to extra information linked to the news makes all the difference. With Showpad, you can assign assets or pages to provide enhanced support to your sales teams, ensuring they have the information they need to understand the news.

Effortless management

As an admin, you can effortlessly create new news topics, allocate assets or Showpad pages, and gain valuable insights into the usage of the content. Ease of use is at the heart of the app, for sales reps & admins.


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About bylt

Bylt has been a trusted Showpad Solutions partner for over a decade, boasting an extensive understanding of the platform and its capabilities. With a focus on crafting engaging content and delivering exceptional experiences on top of the Showpad eOS, our team is primed to inspire B2B companies.

With the recent introduction of the Showpad App Store, we seize the opportunity to introduce impactful and innovative apps that empower B2B companies in helping their sales professionals approach their daily tasks.

How to get the free app?

Just contact us with your details, we'll provide you with the Sales News App so you can start working on enhancing the way you communicate with your sales teams. You can always go to as well.

Further Information


Current App Version: Version 1.0