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Podcast App by bylt

Inform, inspire & engage your sales reps with insightful information for on the go.

Podcasts are not a niche channel anymore. Every day millions of people get informed on the topics they are interested in via podcasts. Image what you can do with your valuable company information in audio format. With the Podcast App from bylt, you can distribute all these audio files in a secure and trackable way. 


B2B companies bring podcasts to their employees as a new way of providing insightful discussions, expert interviews and project updates, fostering transparency and team connectivity. This new way of internal communication allows employees to conveniently engage with content during commutes, breaks or multitasking. As a result, staying informed feels seamless and enjoyable, enhancing overall workplace engagement and collaboration. And helping sales reps to reach their targets. 

You will be able to:
  • make the podcast app yours by adding your logo
  • create episodes by assigning image, title & description
  • link your audio file to the correct episode
  • track the usage in the Showpad analytics
  • manage all of this in Showpad itself

We believe that informing your sales teams should feel as personal as possible. That's why we offer the Podcast App for free. As an admin, it will empower you to elevate your internal communication & training to the next level. As a sales rep, it helps to understand the power of Showpad and the importance of centralizing all sales tools in one place.


Business Impact

A new way of communicating

Sales reps are constantly on the move. They get a lot of emails, messages, pings, ... We expect them to be up to date on all important news, the latest trends and elevate their knowledge about products & services on a regular base. Embrace the power of audio & podcasts in helping your sales team to be informed on the go.

AI as your best friend

It has never been easier to create podcasts. Not only did the tools to record and edit become very accessible, thanks to AI it has never been easier to clear / change / enhance the audio tracks. And it can help you as well with the translation of your message into a lot of languages. 

Effortless management

As an admin, you can effortlessly create new episodes, allocate audio files and gain valuable insights into the usage of the content. Ease of use is at the heart of the app, for sales reps & admins.


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About bylt

Bylt has been a trusted Showpad Solutions partner for over a decade, boasting an extensive understanding of the platform and its capabilities. With a focus on crafting engaging content and delivering exceptional experiences on top of the Showpad eOS, our team is primed to inspire B2B companies.

With the recent introduction of the Showpad App Store, we seize the opportunity to introduce impactful and innovative apps that empower B2B companies in helping their sales professionals approach their daily tasks.

How to get the free app?

Just contact us with your details, we'll provide you with the Sales News App so you can start working on enhancing the way you communicate with your sales teams. You can always go to as well.

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