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The Power of Ceros x Showpad

  • Create exceptional interactive content
  • Deliver rich engaging immersive experiences both on and offline
  • Track individual prospect's engagement with Ceros experiences shared through Showpad


Create interactive content with unparalleled ease and efficiency to deliver rich engaging immersive experiences and maximize the impact of every customer interaction with Showpad and Ceros combined.

Sales teams need to overcome many obstacles to achieve their main goal: closing deals. With 67% of buyers willing to pay more for a great experience, providing a stellar buyer experience is a key differentiator.  Sales reps need to differentiate themselves from the competition by adding value and demonstrating how their products uniquely solve a customer’s specific challenges.

By reducing preparation time and administrative work, teams have more time to perfect sales techniques. Providing the right content in the right context at every step of the buyer’s journey elevates sellers to trusted advisors.

Ceros Studio is a no-code design platform that allows businesses to easily create interactive digital content that stands out from the competition. Use Studio to build interactive experiences that will help your company increase engagement and sales.

Turn static content into interactive experiences with Studio—interactive eBooks, quizzes, reports, inforgraphics, and much more can be easily built without having to write any code.


Business Impact


  • Expand your creativity in your sales materials 
  • Deliver interactive content, no coding required 
  • Create a comprehensive content workflow experience from creation to distribution


  • Deliver rich engaging immersive experiences both on and offline
  • Track individual prospects' engagement with Ceros experiences shared through Showpad
  • Turn static Images into interactive content

How it Works

You can upload your Ceros content into the Showpad library so that your teams can access and view your experiences both online and offline.

If you’re uploading Ceros experiences for online viewing, you’ll be able to use the published URL of your experience. If you want to view your content offline in Showpad, you’ll need to first export the experiences from Ceros.

Ceros experiences can be shared from Showpad using all of usual methods links, email and Shared Spaces.


Ceros Published Experiences

Ceros Published Experiences


Showpad Experiences

Showpad Experiences


  • Ben Shapiro image

    Ben Shapiro
    Vice Chairman, Newmark Knight Frank

    "Ceros makes us smarter, more efficient, and allows us to product sharper materials for lower cost."
  • Kristen Singletary image

    Kristen Singletary
    Digital Manager, Colliers

    "We've noticed huge improvements in our win rates in those business development opportunities where we use Ceros."
  • Genevieve Gillespie image

    Genevieve Gillespie
    Senior Graphic Designer, McCarthy

    "One thing we love about Ceros is that it's really bridging the gap between knowing code and being a designer."


Further Information


Founded in: 2007

HQ Location: New York, US