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Award winning sales experiences for Life Science and Precision Device Manufacturers

CLOK is the Showpad delivery partner dedicated to Life Science and precision device experiences. 

  • 15 years experience working with major manufacturers such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, Beckman Coulter and Agilent
  • Highly detailed, precision 3D interactive medical device demos
  • Virtual Training Labs for sales teams - used by 850 Thermo Fisher sales reps
  • Content used by 1000's of successful sales team members in major organisations across the world.

Recent winner of the C2A International Design Awards for Sales Training Tools (Client: Thermo Fisher Scientific)


Our approach and why we are a Showpad partner.

The number one problem in precision equipment sales is complexity.
Complexities in the latest technology, variations, regulations, use-cases and in the processes used to navigate them. Traditional ways of communicating just simply can’t keep up. Typically, they are slow to adapt to the latest information and so vital messages can get lost in the noise. What’s required is a new, modern approach.

Our work with Showpad fuses creativity, cutting edge digital content and strategy to deploy solutions and tools that are truly effective. This is what makes us different. We’re a communications agency focused on communicating the magic of Life Science and medical device manufacturers.

As specialists in this industry clients don’t need to explain the basics to us. We understand their needs. We understand their regulations. We understand the challenges and make sales acceleration highly effective through truly unique  content.



Align marketing, sales and training with CLOK360©

CLOK360 with Showpad eOS® provides the missing link between your marketing strategy and the customer facing knowledge and requirements experienced by your sales team. Implementing CLOK360 tools and methodology, ensures existing knowledge and data within your organisation is discovered, evaluated and recursively built into your strategy to drive successful campaigns, that provide sales teams with everything they need to move the customer down the funnel.


We take the time to get to know our clients – to learn about a business, product or service and its motives. In doing so, we truly come to understand our clients’ needs as well as the challenges faced within the bio-science industry. This allows us to create a focused plan based on objective insight to achieve long-term goals.


We enjoy problem solving and believe design thinking produces conceptual but intelligent design-led solutions. As every business or organisation faces its own set of challenges, we understand there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.


We help businesses communicate with their customers through web and software applications together with social and multimedia content in ways that are interesting, useful, and enjoyable.


Due to our test and learn approach, we’re able to confidently advise clients on the approach to implement and how to get the most out of new applications.

We embrace innovative technologies and strive to deliver exciting, memorable experiences


  • Earl Sison image

    Earl Sison
    North America Digital Implementation

    I have worked with CLOK on multiple interactive digital projects from 2017 through 2020. The initial projects were focused on marketing at trade shows using Virtual Reality (VR). We were the first team to launch a customer facing VR experience for trade shows within Thermo Fisher in 2017. We later developed a Marketing lead nurturing apps, an Augmented Reality (AR) Sales Enablement tool and online training. Their approach has been innovative and they were able to transform our ideas and vision into interactive solutions for our customers.
  • Ainsley Tyrer image

    Ainsley Tyrer
    DGG Business Marcoms

    The team at CLOK worked hard to demonstrate multiple technical solutions ahead of the project to deliver the best possible outcome and continuously met the challenging deadlines for the project.
  • Eric Edwards image

    Eric Edwards
    Head of Marketing

    They are uniquely differentiated in their understanding of the life science market, lab environments, and constructing engaging stories... With the amount of work that Clok has done for Thermo Fisher (not to mention other life sciences companies), I would say that they are uniquely differentiated in their understanding of the life science market, lab environments, and constructing engaging stories
  • Dianna Fox image

    Dianna Fox
    Senior Director of Healthcare & International Marketing

    Few agencies can provide the digital expertise that CLOK has and fewer still combine that with uncompromising service and a feeling that they are truly on your team.
  • Reel Mahmood image

    Reel Mahmood
    Demand Generation Marketing Manager EU

    I first worked with Clok as Channel Marketing Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific EMEA.I then brought them onboard during my time at Beckman Coulter Diagnostics as I was impressed with their innovation and ability to quickly understand our requirements.
  • Michalina Mackowski image

    Michalina Mackowski
    Global Market Development Manager Cell Culture Essentials | BID Cell Biology Thermo Fisher Scientific

    The decision to move forward with Spinning Clock was instantaneous due to their experience with the development of other quality 3D, interactive educational environments used by the company.

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