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Showpad + Gong Integration

  • Get a 360° view of deal activity by weaving buyer engagement data into Gong.
  • At glance access to all deal activity in a single view.
  • Understand the buyer's interest in shared content 
  • Detect signals of deeper buyer engagement 


Improve deal insight with Showpad engagement activity alongside other milestones, from lead generation all the way to customer service interactions on the Gong Activity Timeline.

With the Showpad integration you can see how reps share Showpad content and how buyers meaningfully engage with it. In addition to decks, documents, 3-D renderings and traditional marketing collateral, Showpad content sharing includes video messaging and multi-media pages to present information in a modern, visually compelling way.   

With a 360° view of buyer activity, you're using data to understand buyer behaviour and adapt to close more deals faster.


Business Impact


  • Including every piece of content shared between a seller and buyer into the Gong timeline
  • Track content engagement from your shares across the deal cycle
  • Assess deal health and take necessary actions


  • Spot when the prospects have re-shared the content with another member of the buying team 

How it Works

To enable the Showpad integration with Gong reach out to your Showpad and Gong Account Executive or Customer Success Managers. Once the integration is up and running, the following engagement activity will be added to the Gong activity timeline in real time as they happen in Showpad.

  • Shared Content
  • Viewed Content
  • Re-Shared Content
  • Invited to Shared Space
  • Joined Shared Space
  • Commented in Shared Space
  • Content added to Shared Space
  • Next Steps - Mutual Action Plan created
  • Next Steps - Action created
  • Next Steps - Action assigned
  • Next Steps - Action Completed

Gong Activity Timeline

Gong Activity Timeline


Showpad Activity Data

Showpad Activity Data

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