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Impartner + Showpad Integration

  • Embed Showpad within Impartner to enable channel and partner sales 
  • Train and coach new channel and partner sales team members 
  • Track partner sales team effectiveness 


Showpad’s partner engagement integration with the Impartner Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform increases channel and partner sales teams’ productivity, helping them find and share relevant guided content within their existing vendor platform, to engage more prospects with Showpad content.
Additionally, partner marketing can gain unique data insights on Showpad usage that support deals being closed through the Showpad + Impartner integration. 


Business Impact

Impartner + Showpad Integration

For Partner Sales: 
  • Ready-to-use marketing approved content in Showpad to help reach new customers faster. 
  • Drive better buyer conversations through readily available engaging content at every touchpoint of the sales cycle. 
  • Track individual prospects' engagement on received Showpad content. 
  • Tailor follow-up conversations accordingly based on insights in Showpad linked to the content. 

For Partner Marketing: 
  • Stay on top of the usage of assets from within the Showpad platform by tracking sharing and engagement numbers. 
  • Use content insights to support marketing initiatives and deliver ROI. 
  • Manage and control the Showpad integration from Impartner 

How it Works

Embed Showpad within the Impartner PRM platform to deliver Showpad sales enablement content to partners to use for training, certifications, enablement, marketing and much more. Receive unique insights from partner sales and account managers to drive more channel partner revenue. 

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