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Showpad Experts for the Lifesciences – Medical Device and Diagnostics Manufacturers

Since 2007 Infuse Medical has partnered with the largest medical device and diagnostic companies in the world to “Accelerate the Transfer of Knowledge™” by enabling their sales associates with mobile apps, 3D animation, video, and VR/AR/XR development. Our tools, technology and media are utilized in operating rooms and clinical settings across the world. 

  • 7 Years of Showpad Experience App Development
  • In-house Best-of-Class Creative and Technical Expertise
  • We speak the language of Device and Diagnostics
  • Sales Enablement Program Development Experts since 2010
  • Medical Education and eLearning


Infuse Medical speaks the language of med tech and has been working with medical device and diagnostics manufacturers since 2007 to “Accelerate the Transfer of Knowledge™".  Having produced over 1,000 scientific 3D animations, clinical videos and more than 600 mobile applications since 2010, Infuse has pioneered the mobile transformation in medical device sales enablement; arming medical device reps with compelling sales presentation tools that are beautiful, yet smart utilities that increase the effectiveness of today’s sales call within the clinical environment.

We are anatomy and physiology experts and have procured one of the world’s largest 3D libraries of male and female anatomy with all the different systems.  From our roots as a Medical Education Agency more than 16 years ago, to today’s digital strategies, technologies and creative – Infuse applies its experience to a new decade of marketing, clinical education, and sales training to advance our clients’ powerful ideas that improve clinical outcomes. 

Infuse Medical would love to help you produce Showpad:

  • 3D Interactive Product Demos
  • Software Simulations
  • Real-Time 3D Animated Surgical Techniques
  • Healthcare Economics ROI Calculators
  • VR/AR Room Configurators
We are uniquely positioned to take on some of the device and diagnostics industry’s most complex specialized projects as we partner with our clients or their agencies in helping them create mental models for understanding how a technology works and why it’s worth understanding how it works.

Infuse Medical builds Immersive Interactive Presentation Tools that Accelerate the Transfer of Knowledge to Sales, Clinicians, and Patients.

We would love to work with you. See our work and connect with us at and Founding Partner, Jordan Erickson - [email protected]



Showpad Custom Apps

Infuse builds selling tools like ROI calculators, room configurators, AR product placement, product comparisons, content management, and interactive product walkthroughs available via your custom app. These tools help sales teams find the right content, explain products, demonstrate how they work, and gather real-time sales data. 

VR and AR

With the rapid advancement of Virtual Reality (VR) hardware and software in recent years, the applications for how to implement VR within the field of medicine have also blossomed. Infuse Medical has been at the head of VR application development for use in surgical procedures, medical device sales, medical training and more since the beginning of VR, and today we stand out as a premier provider for VR application development for use in the medical field. 

3D Animation

Here at Infuse, our 3D medical animators and creative directors know human anatomy. With our wide range of scientific animation skills and knowledge, we help medical device, pharma, and diagnostics companies tell complex stories through 3D medical animations that are accurate and visually stunning. 


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    Steve Erickson
    Senior Manager, Medical Education

    Our sales force absolutely loves this app! I've had several of them tell me they can't live without it.

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