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Klue + Showpad Integration

  • Enable revenue teams to win more deals with the latest competitive insights
  • Supercharge compete content within Showpad 
  • Measure the impact on key sales metrics


On average, companies lose close to 30% of their sales opportunities directly to competitors. Millions of dollars from winnable deals are slipping through your fingers and instead going straight to your competition - something we call the Competitive Revenue Gap.

With Showpad's Klue integration, you can enable revenue teams with up-to-date compete content that will tip more winnable deals in your favour, increase sales efficiency and close your Competitive Revenue Gap.

Display the latest Klue battlecards, competitor and industry-specific newsfeeds, newsletters or the full Klue dashboard to your sellers within the Showpad platform. Benefit from increased visibility that will drive adoption of your compete content with sellers and supercharge the impact of your competitive enablement program. 


Business Impact

For Sellers:

  • Tip more competitive deals in your favor
  • Sniff competitors in your deals earlier
  • Know how to deposition and differentiate effectively
  • Access the latest competitor specific intel and insights

For Product Marketing:

  • Drive adoption of your Competitive Enablement Program
  • Identify the compete content that is performing best
  • Measure the impact on key metrics (win rate, deal cycle length etc.)

How it Works

Using Showpad's integration with Klue, you can include Klue content as dynamic embedded content within specific experiences. Includes:

  • Competitive battlecards
  • Competitor cards (e.g. Quick dismisses, Objection Handling)
  • Competitor specific newsfeeds 
  • Klue intel digests (newsletters)
  • Klue Dashboard

Klue Compete Content

Klue Compete Content


Showpad Experiences

Showpad Experiences


  • James Shippen image

    James Shippen
    Sales Enablement Director

    Klue gave us the integration we needed with Showpad. This
    allowed my Enablement team to create an intuitive workflow in
    our main tech stack so our sellers, marketing and R&D teams can
    find the most up-to- date content they need across every stage of
    the deal.

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