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Lead Capture for Marketing Automation By Like Reply

Have you ever found yourself meeting a promising new prospect at a tradeshow, engaging in a meaningful conversation using Showpad presentations, only to waste valuable time later manually inputting their information into a separate system to generate a new lead?

Well, look no further! Introducing our app designed to streamline your lead capture process. Now, you can effortlessly gather leads and customer data directly from Showpad and seamlessly transfer them to Eloqua or any other Marketing Automation Tool or CRM of your choice. Say goodbye to tedious manual data entry and hello to efficiency and productivity!


Introducing our revolutionary reusable application, designed to empower you with seamless lead generation capabilities directly within Showpad through a highly customizable form interface. With this innovative tool, all gathered data is swiftly transmitted to your preferred Marketing Automation Tool, whether it be Oracle Eloqua, Salesforce Pardot, or any other platform of your choosing.

This integration isn't just about convenience; it's about unlocking a realm of possibilities where Sales Enablement, Marketing Automation, and CRM converge harmoniously. Here's how it can transform your workflow:

  1. Streamline Lead Generation at Physical Events: Simplify the lead generation process during physical events such as tradeshows. No more manual inputting of contact details after promising encounters. With our app, capture leads directly in Showpad and watch as they seamlessly flow into your automation tool.
  2. Trigger Automated Campaigns Post-Meeting: Imagine this: a fruitful conversation with a potential client at a conference. With our solution, you can instantly trigger automated campaigns tailored to their interests and needs. Strike while the iron is hot and keep the momentum going without missing a beat.
  3. Reduce Clerical Errors in Lead Creation: Manual data entry often leads to mistakes. Our app eliminates this risk by automating the lead creation process. Say goodbye to typos, missing information, and other clerical errors that can hinder your sales and marketing efforts.
  4. Unlock New Use Cases: By seamlessly integrating Showpad, Marketing Automation, and CRM, a plethora of new use cases emerges. From personalized follow-ups based on content engagement to targeted lead nurturing campaigns, the possibilities are endless. Embrace innovation and watch as your strategies evolve to new heights.

In essence, our reusable app isn't just a tool, it is a catalyst for transformation. It empowers you to seamlessly bridge the gap between Sales, Marketing, and CRM functions, paving the way for enhanced efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, success.


Business Impact

Enhance Lead Quality and Insights

Tailor your form fields to capture all relevant data while creating a new lead.

Maximize Event Efficiency

Generating new leads directly from Showpad eliminates the need for external tools and manual work. With seamless management of asset sharing, presentations, and lead creation all within the same platform, significant time savings are realized, particularly during high-stakes events like tradeshows. This streamlined process not only enhances efficiency but also translates directly into tangible business impact, allowing teams to focus more on engaging with prospects and driving conversions rather than juggling multiple tools and tasks.

Boost Marketing Efficiency

Seamlessly send created leads to Eloqua or any Marketing Automation Tool, streamlining lead nurturing campaigns.


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