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Create 3D Showpad Experiences

Create stunning 3D virtual showrooms, 3D interactive product demos and AR/VR apps, that transform Showpad experiences into immersive 360° environments for your customers to explore.


MARTECH3D is the 3D product marketing platform for B2B manufacturers.  By combining MARTECH3D's cutting-edge 3D applications with Showpad's proven Sales Enablement Platform, take your Showpad experiences to the next level and showcase products like never before.
  • 3D Virtual Showrooms
  • 3D Interactive Product Demos
  • 3D AR Product Viewer
  • 3D Product Configurator

Join industry leading manufacturers like Sharp, Panasonic and BAE Systems, and give your products the digital spotlight they deserve.

Add a wow-factor to sales presentations
By adding 3D applications to your Showpad assets, you can enhance the sales presentations and product profiles you send to customers.

Enable customers to explore your product range
A 3D environment gives your customers a chance to explore your full product range within Showpad, increasing cross-selling and upselling.

Showcase products in 3D
Add interactive 3D products models to your Showpad assets, so customers can see exactly what they look like from every angle, along with key features.

Demonstrate how products work
By adding interactive 3D product animations to your Showpad assets, customers can learn how your products work and even simulate using them as they would in real-life.

Configure products in real-time 3D
The MARTECH3D product configurator enables customers to select product configurations inside your Showpad experiences, and see their product build in real-time 3D.


  • ChargePoint Technology Virtual Process Space
  • IWS Group 3D Virtual Showroom
  • Nanosonics 3D Interactive Product Demo
  • Brigade Electronics 3D Interactive Product Demo
  • Panasonic 3D Virtual Showroom
  • S.R. Smith 3D Product Configurator


3D Virtual Showrooms

Showcase your products in full 3D in real-life settings. Create your own product metaverse.

3D Interactive Product Demos

Enable customers to interact with your products and see how they work, in the same way they would in real-life.

3D AR Product Viewer

Let customers see products in their own space, to scale.

3D Product Configurator

Configure products and watch them build in real-time 3D.


  • L. Keohane image

    L. Keohane
    Finance Manager, EK Interactive Medical Devices

    Our 3D Virtual Showroom has increased sales conversions by 150%, and saved £500 per meeting compared with live demonstrations.
  • K. Snyder image

    K. Snyder
    Commercial Marketing Manager, S.R. Smith

    MARTECH3D's configurator is built for manufacturers of complex products. It's day 1, we haven't even advertised it yet, and we've already had our first win.
  • B. Matthews image

    B. Matthews
    Sales & Marketing Director, Golden Bear Toys

    'I thought you might like to hear some feedback from one our customers...' “The preview sales presentation using your Virtual Showroom was excellent. I can’t think of another supplier that comes close in terms of being so fun, interactive and showcasing multiple assets. The vast majority of my previews have been by PowerPoint so it was really refreshing to see the products in a different format."
  • G. Knight image

    G. Knight
    CEO, The Conference Zone

    Our 3D virtual environment looks great, and the MarTech3D platform has achieved the high-standards and high-hopes we had. Once again, thank you for being so responsive. Your team have excelled themselves.

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Headquarters: London, UK

Year Founded: 2013