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Microsoft Dynamics + Showpad Integration

  • Experience the full power of Showpad inside Dynamics
  • Automatically log sales activities to Dynamics objects
  • See how your prospects engage with content using the Showpad Insights app


On average, a salesperson spends only 35.9% of their time actively selling. The rest is used for preparation, traveling and administrative tasks such as logging into a CRM like Microsoft Dynamics. Demand Metric reports that reps spend about 11 hours a week logging notes into CRM systems. Although this time is used for capturing information about customers and prospects, the data is often inaccurate since it’s entered after a meeting has already taken place.

With Showpad’s Microsoft Dynamics integration, sellers can spend more time selling and less time performing administrative tasks.
Drive sales effectiveness by automatically capturing sales data such as email traffic, content shares, and buyer engagement. With content, you can improve your data quality and user adoption of Microsoft Dynamics – ultimately creating a better return on your CRM investment.

Perfectly tailor and time your follow up with the right stakeholders, and accelerate your sales cycles as a result. By automatically logging all sales interactions to the appropriate opportunities and accounts in Microsoft Dynamics, you’ll have a full overview of the content that was presented and shared, the emails sent to prospects and their interactions with shared content, and how sellers consumed learning courses. Learn how others have successfully closed deals and share best practices among the team.


Business Impact


  • Discover, present, and share the latest sales content on any device, even when offline.
  • Deliver a better buying experience for your prospects.
  • Automatically log all meetings and sharing activities to Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Better tailor and time your follow-up with insights on prospect interactions with your shared materials.
  • Share best practices of top performers with the rest of the team.


  • Make it effortless for sales reps to find, present and share the most relevant, on-brand content in every situation.
  • Know which content has the highest impact on sales pipeline and revenue.
  • Make content decisions based on measured performance.
  • Install from the Microsoft AppSource Marketplace.

How it Works

With the Showpad and MS Dynamics integration, users can significantly increase visibility about which content was shared with buyers and how they interact with it, all within one or more MS Dynamics environments. MS Dynamics 2013, 2015, 2016 integrations need on-premise installation files, MS Dynamics 365 integration uses the Showpad app available in AppSource or you can use the Azure Active Directory ID. 

MS Dynamics Activities

MS Dynamics Activities

Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft Dynamics

Showpad Activity Data

Showpad Activity Data

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