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Microsoft Office + Showpad Integration

  • Tailor marketing-approved Microsoft Office files for your sales needs.
  • Use original and customized files together in Collections.
  • Retain analytics on the edited version of the original file.
  • Track how sales reps are personalizing content. 


The majority of B2B buyers choose a vendor based on the buying experience. So it’s key that sales reps target their audiences with a personalized approach. With the Showpad - Microsoft Office 365 integration, salespeople can quickly open and customize marketing-approved Google Slides, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, or Excel spreadsheets and present them within Showpad.

The marketing team determines which content can be edited and can improve sales content based on personalization insights. With these insights, you can track how salespeople personalize content and how this content is shared with buyers. They receive a comprehensive view into the effectiveness of all assets, and can prioritize content creation efforts accordingly.


Business Impact


  • Salespeople are enabled to customize marketing-approved files— such as Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, or Excel— within Showpad.
  • Salespeople can edit, save, present, share and track those files, reaping all of the benefits of Showpad’s sales enablement platform without the hassle of jumping back and forth between file systems.
  • Marketing remains in control of which content can be edited and has rich analytics into how documents are customized, used, and shared in the field.

How it Works

With Showpad's Microsoft Office Online integration, you can make changes to your Powerpoint, Word, and Excel files using your 365 business account and have those edits reflected and saved in Showpad. In addition, the activity of the modified file will be tracked just like other assets. This extends the ability to work with MS Office documents to those who may use non-Windows devices or prefer the online version of MS Office. You can also present your PowerPoint slideshows within MS Office Online, preserving your transitions, gifs, and animations in their original glory.

When you work within your Office 365 business account to update that brochure or add data to your sales spreadsheet, those important changes will be reflected in your Showpad account without the need to manually update the files or use any type of middleware. This streamlines your workflow and ensures that you are always working with the correct version of your file in Showpad without sacrificing the meaningful analytics of those assets.

MS Office Marketing Approved Template

MS Office Marketing Approved Template

Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Office 365

Showpad Personalised Asset

Showpad Personalised Asset

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