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SharePoint + Showpad Integration

  • Ensure sales always have the latest, on-brand content at their fingertips.
  • Automatically synchronize any change made in Box into Showpad.
  • Complies with your existing content governance and workflows.


Keeping the sales team armed with the most up-to-date content is a constant struggle. Assets constantly need tweaking to align with new messaging and features, and it’s hard for sales to know if they have the freshest material. Marketers need every shortcut they can get to make the distribution process quick and easy.

Showpad’s SharePoint Connector allows marketers to instantly distribute content to sales teams, while keeping SharePoint as their single source of truth for managing content. Content is automatically pushed to Showpad, optimized for web and mobile use, and tracked to see what’s used - or not.

Distribute your content in branded, dynamic environments sales reps can use to easily find, present and share with their prospects. Stick to your current SharePoint workflows and instantly sync content to Showpad.


Business Impact


  • Keep SharePoint Online as a single source of truth while instantly sharing new and updated content with sales through Showpad. 
  • Distribute your files securely via Showpad, so your sales team always has the latest, on-brand content.
  • Automatically roll any change made in SharePoint Online into Showpad with its built-in Content Sync feature.
  • Track which of your content makes the most impact on closed deals, so you can make strategic content decisions. 


  • Deliver a better buying experience for your prospects, while gaining insights into how the content you present is used and shared throughout the sales cycle.
  • Find and present content in a secure, branded microsite, and surface the most effective content in the right situation.
  • Stay current on the newest materials from marketing, so you can prevent missteps and close the deal.
  • Prevent liability from using outdated documents, especially in regulated environments.

How it Works

Use SharePoint Online as your single source of truth for managing your valuable content. Our SharePoint Online middleware connector automatically syncs documents, URLs, document properties, and permissions to Showpad and optimizes them for web and mobile usage.

Distribute your SharePoint content in a branded environment your sales reps can access on Showpad's Web app and every mobile device with our apps and email integrations, online and offline.

The Showpad SharePoint integration app is easily deployed in to your SharePoint sites directly from the Microsoft SharePoint App Store.
Microsoft Sharepoint
Microsoft Sharepoint

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Showpad Experiences

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