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Showpad + Optimizely Content Marketing Integration

  • Better customer experiences and accelerated pipeline velocity.
  • Higher utilization of content and a greater return on investment.
  • Full-funnel analytics and ability to drive marketing-attributed revenue.


Today’s buyers are a busy bunch — constantly being sought out by tech vendors and promoted new content. With the myriad of options and on-demand accessibility of new content, the reality is that buyers are in the driver seat. In other words, brands need to ensure they stand out amongst the crowd.

For sales reps, this means delivering consultative, value- adding, and insightful content experiences — all in a personalized way. And for Marketing, it means developing the right content that educates those buyers — all while driving revenue attribution throughout the customer journey. Unfortunately, without a shared solution to plan, manage, and measure those content experiences, brands can suffer from misaligned or inconsistent messaging... and ultimately subpar results.

Combining Optimizely's purpose-built tools to request, create, manage and measure all types of marketing content with Showpad’s ability to drive meaningful buyer interactions enables go-to-market teams to deliver integrated content across the entire funnel and deliver exceptional experiences at every touchpoint in the buyer’s journey.


Business Impact


  • Seamlessly deliver your new content to your sales teams
  • Create consistent messaging between marketing and sales 
  • Deliver your new sales collateral faster and easier than ever
  • Align with your existing marketing workflows


  • Instant access to marketing-approved docs, images, and videos in Showpad
  • Track buyer engagement of your content across the deal cycles
  • Be on-brand, wherever you are 

How it Works

The partnership between Showpad and Optimizely provides marketers with a single, comprehensive experience for developing and distributing content across all channels, as well as extracting valuable insights into content usage across the marketing funnel that empower organizations to spend their resources where it matters most.

The integration allows you to:
  • Initiate, track, deliver marketing requests (i.e. campaigns & content)
  • Curate current, relevant and high-impact assets for improved sales cadences
  • Ensure marketing and sales alignment to drive more coordinated campaigns
  • Increase pipeline velocity by creating a seamless content experience for buyers
  • Measure the impact of content for every interaction and at every point in the buyer journey (and attribute to revenue)

Optimizely Approved Assets

Optimizely Approved Assets


Showpad Experiences

Showpad Experiences

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