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Tagging Wizard

by People Productions

With a swish of your "wand" your assets will be organized and easily located.

One of the most important (and sometimes challenging) aspects of using Showpad is tagging. Tagging sets the foundation for how your entire Showpad instance is set up and how easily your reps can find what they need. Tagging Wizard gives you an easy-to-use tool that simplifies the process and ensures consistency, so that users can rely on searches to locate the right content every time. 


Set up a standard approach for your assets

How an asset is tagged determines how a user will find it and how it will show up in search results. If tagging is inconsistent, even by a letter or two, assets can get “lost” or hard to find. Tagging Wizard lets you set and enforce specific rules, and uses drop-down menus to make sure asset tags are entered in a consistent way. 

We can help you think about tagging in a new way. Is everything in Showpad organized by product or portfolio now? We can help your reps be nimble by organizing content by solution, target audience, area of use, and other meaningful ways. We think of this as having several different doors to get to your content. Our team at People Productions can work with you to develop or optimize your tagging schema, then the Tagging Wizard app makes sure it is used consistently. 

You can upload new assets or revise existing tags, one at a time or in bulk. All while maintaining your consistent tagging approach. 

  • Bulk upload items or add assets one at a time
  • Change tags on assets in bulk or one at a time
  • Set standards for your tagging structure - no more free-form entry
  • Enforce usage of tags, such as
    • ‘Must select (a number) of tags from this category’
      • This works well for mandatory categories such as target audience 
    • ‘Select up to (a number)’ tags 
      • Great for when an asset may work in more than 1 category, such as selecting 2 tags for early and mid-stage in the buyer’s journey
    • Open selection
      • Allow admins to select as many or as few tags in a category. This can be useful for a tagging category such as ‘use cases’ to select ‘product demo’, ‘product explainer’, and more use cases. 

The Tagging Wizard is optimized for Showpad. Contact People Productions to learn more. 


Business Impact

Find the right assets for every meeting

Your team will be effective in every meeting when assets are grouped in categories such as ‘buying stage’ or ‘personas’. You can also add custom categories and tags to fit your unique business needs. 

When users can find what they need, adoption goes up

With any new tool, if users get frustrated, they give up. Tagging Wizard helps ensure that when users enter a search term they get the content they would logically expect, every time. Increase your team’s usage now! 

Standards make everyone more efficient and effective

When a tagging standard is enforced your reps can find what they need to work quickly with clients and your admins can feel confident in their organizational skills. Plus the Tagging Wizard ensures Showpad Smart Folders and other automatically generated sections of Showpad will populate correctly.


 The Tagging Wizard will be customized to your needs before it’s installed on your Showpad instance. Our consulting team will sit down with you to assess your current or desired tagging structure. Then we will either help you optimize it or recommend other options. This process can take a few weeks of back and forth depending on where you are starting, so we recommend allowing 2-4 weeks for a full install and deployment.
Pricing is easy. Smaller teams have simple per-user pricing. Larger organizations have straightforward flat-rate options. Contact People Productions for more information.


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Current App Version: Version 1.0