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Salesloft + Showpad Integration

  • Use marketing-approved content in your existing engagement workflow.
  • Include content from Showpad in Salesloft cadences and emails.
  • Email sender can track individual prospect's engagement with the received content.


Showpad’s sales engagement integration with Salesloft increases sales productivity, helping sellers find and share content within their sales workflow tool and tracking individual contacts’ engagement with that content.
Additionally, marketers can enrich email templates with Showpad content so sellers can instantly share the right messaging and supporting content with prospects, still keeping track of individual engagement.


Business Impact


  • Enrich emails, sequences, and templates quickly, with assets managed in Showpad directly from the Salesloft email composer.
  • Browse through ready-to-use email templates, containing marketing-approved content in Showpad.
  • Track individual prospects' engagement on received Showpad content.
  • Tailor follow-up conversations accordingly based on insights in Showpad linked to the content.


  • Stay on top of the usage of the assets from within the Showpad platform by tracking sharing and engagement numbers
  • Use content insights to fuel marketing initiatives and support the bottom line.
  • Manage and control the Showpad integration from Salesloft 
  • Own and distribute Salesloft email templates with marketing-approved content

How it Works

Using Showpad's integration with Salesloft, you can include Showpad content as dynamic links in email templates and cadences. Using the Showpad app for Salesloft, you can generate unique URLs to share assets in Salesloft, which allows the sender to track individual engagement from recipients. 

Showpad Content

Showpad Content

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