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Showpad + Salesforce Files Integration

  • Ensure sales always has the latest, on-brand content at their fingertips
  • Automatically synchronise any change made in Salesforce Files into Showpad
  • Complies with your existing content governance and workflows


The Salesforce Files Connector for Showpad lets your marketers instantly share content with your sales teams while keeping Salesforce Files as a repository for content. Content is automatically pushed to Showpad with appropriate permissions, optimized for web and mobile use, and tagged and tracked so you can see what sales teams use (or don’t use). With zero impact on how you already work with Salesforce Files, Showpad instantly syncs content as soon as it’s ready, with all the meta tags attached to structure your content in Showpad automatically, so it’s ready for use when you are.


Business Impact


  • Keep success familiar. Use existing content creation processes and workflows to drive branding, compliance, and governance.
  • De-risk revenue content. No more need for manual effort. Save time and eliminate human errors from your content processes.
  • Boost impact. Track what resonates with internal teams, prospects, and customers and what content influences deals the most.
  • Reduce the time to value. All your approved content is available on the platform in no time.


  • Deliver a better buying experience.  Engage buyers and gain insights into how the content you present is used and shared throughout the sales cycle.
  • Find and present content in a secure, branded microsite. Surface the most effective content in the right situation and stay on-brand at all times. 
  • Prevent liability. Stop worrying about using outdated documents, especially in regulated environments.

How it Works

By syncing content directly from Salesforce Files, you can rest assured that all content in Showpad is the most current and up-to-date without manually updating single assets at a time. This saves on administrative waste and allows for more time to create the perfect content.

Updates to the content in Salesforce Files will be reflected in the content library of the Online Platform. For example, if you delete a synced folder or asset in your content management system, it will also be removed from Showpad, unless you remove the connection and choose to keep the files in Showpad first.

Salesforce Files Assets

Salesforce Files Assets

Salesforce Files
Salesforce Files

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