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Slack + Showpad integration

  • Stay on top of critical buyer engagement notifications directly in the workspaces where your team lives 
  • Gain a better understanding of content impact with real-time updates on the content buyers are viewing or sharing  
  • Detect deeper signals of engagement with automatic alerts for activity in digital deal rooms


Improve deal insight by getting instantly notified about your buyer’s latest activities with alerts pushed directly to your team’s Slack workspace. 

With the Showpad integration, you can see how buyers are interacting with shared content—and which materials are driving the most meaningful engagement. In addition to decks, documents, 3D renderings and traditional marketing collateral, Showpad content sharing capabilities includes video messaging, interactive digital dealrooms,  and multimedia pages to present information in a modern, visually compelling way.   

With instant access to updates on buyer activity, you can use data to drive deeper collaboration, follow up faster, and deliver more tailored interactions. 


Business Impact

For sellers

  • Detect heightened buyer engagement with immediate notifications when a buyer shares content or engages with your Shared Space
  • Follow up at more opportune moments based on buyer signals 
  • Tailor follow-ups based on visibility into the content driving the most engagement 

For admins

  • Manage and control the integration with ease from one centralized location 
  • Optimize deal cycle efficiency by ensuring sellers have immediate access to relevant buyer notifications 

How it Works

To enable the Showpad integration with Slack, install and publish the Slack app in Showpad. Once the integration is up and running, users can configure their own custom notification settings so they can receive the following engagement activities as a direct message in Slack in real-time as they happen in Showpad.

  • Email views
  • Email re-shares
  • Invited to Shared Space
  • Requested access to a Shared Space
  • Joined or visited a Shared Space
  • Commented in a Shared Space
  • Added their own content to a Shared Space

Prospect Interactions

Prospect Interactions

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