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Case Studies done for you

  • We create Case Studies for you so you can sell more effectively
  • We handle the entire Case Study creation process from start to finish 
  • We make it super easy for you and your clients! 


Using Case Studies is a simple, authentic, and extremely effective way to sell. Having a repository of Case Studies in Showpad allows your sales team to address your prospects' most important priorities using relevant proof points in the form of customer success stories.

As your sales reps learn who your prospects are and what's most important to them, they'll be able to prove that your company can solve those prospects' specific challenges by showing them Case Studies about similar customers in similar situations.

If you don't have a library of Case Studies yet, SuccessKit is here to help. We're a small team focused exclusively on creating B2B Case Studies for our clients, and we have an amazingly effective and efficient process to get Case Studies done for you! And with Showpad in place to organize and recommend the right Case Study content, your sales team will be able to leverage your current customers and success to close more deals.



Written Case Study creation

We take the pain out of creating Case Studies by handling the entire process for you! This includes project management, writing, editing, design, approvals, and all revisions.

All you have to do is tell us what is most important to you in the Case Study, introduce us to your client by e-mail, and we take it from there! 

Video Testimonial creation

We can create high-quality video testimonials by recording your clients remotely!

We handle the entire process from idea generation, preparing the customer, video/audio assistance, conducting the video shoot, collecting the b-roll, and all edit revisions. 


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    Kendall Kunz
    Founder and CEO

    SuccessKit made it easy for clients to see what other clients see, and it’s led to more sales.
  • Luke Anemone image

    Luke Anemone

    Working with SuccessKit has been pivotal in growing our client base
  • Phil Curtolo image

    Phil Curtolo
    Director of Sales

    SuccessKit takes the pain and suffering out of creating quality Case Studies

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