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Supplemental Sales Methodology Focusing on Soft Skills

Uplifting Key Soft Skills to Create Successful Sales Teams

These courses develop interpersonal skills such as:

  • Perception Management for Growth
  • Communication Strategy Tools
  • Ownership of Roles and Development
  • Ability to Create Opportunity for Success


The collaboration between Uplifting Leadership and Showpad creates a well-rounded and fully competent Sales Team who not only produces in sales, but knows how to communicate, shows up with intention, and takes ownership of their role and success. 
By taking the sales methodology and training offered through Showpad and combining it with our courses, you will set yourself and your team up to enter every pitch and close every sale with confidence and competence. 
The creation of Uplifting Leadership began in order to solve the need that founder Aleta Maxwell, former CHRO, experienced in her career of over two decades in Human Resources. The need for the intentional development of soft skills. 
Companies that focus only on technical or hard skills when employing and promoting but lack focus on interpersonal skill development create teams, managers, and companies that have high turnover and low employee engagement. 

Uplifting Leadership solves this gap by offering courses specifically focused on developing crucial skills such as time management, communication, and managing perceptions in order to create thriving employees, teams, and companies. 
Our courses are customized for both sales teams as well as sales managers. 



Sales Team Members Development Courses

These courses develop soft skills in order to maximize employee potential.

Offerings include:
Time Management 
Communications Skills 
Managing Perceptions

Management Development Courses

Great managers and leaders aren't born, they are developed. Managing people well takes intentionality and these courses will provide the tools and guidance to create thriving teams and companies.

Offerings include:
Leadership Course
Difficult Conversations 
Managing Perceptions


  • K. Williams
    Course Testimonial

    "I’ve enjoyed every last piece of advice given throughout each lesson. I look forward to applying these tips to my everyday lifestyle as well. Most of all my favorite quote from the course, HAS to be "energy determines intention”, thank you so much!!!!"
  • Angie
    Course Testimonial

    "I learned how to maintain and create my own success! I also learned how to focus on my emotions and isolating and finding the problem and solving it."
  • Jann
    How to Have Difficult Conversations for Leaders

    I've learned about principles I thought I knew but really didn't know thoroughly enough or how to apply them as a leader. This course has taught me how to communicate with my team from a place of curiosity instead of assumption as well as much more!

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