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Making the complex simple

We are a full-service marketing and communication agency


As an independent, full-service marketing and communication agency, we specialise in integrated communication concepts and tools. We study new technologies and apply them for your benefit. Before we start creating, we take the time to understand your business and the technicalities of your products. Then we craft the right concept and the best mix of tools to make your story clear.

As a certified Showpad solutions partner, Vintage Productions is experienced in creating engaging applications filled with quality content. Concept development, app development, copywriting, (3D) imaging, we have the right skills to make your Showpad experience a success.

We have been providing international clients with Showpad experiences for many years. Presentations, 360° applications, calculators, VR apps, digital brochures, and more – the options for creating Showpad- compatible content are endless.




Your briefing is our starting point. We analyse your request to fully understand your needs. We make sure we have the full picture by learning as much as we can about your products, markets and competitors.

Our creative team will work tirelessly, brainstorming, analysing suggestions, testing their effectiveness and – of course – checking in with you.

This is a key step, when our ideas and yours morph together to create the right concept for your brand and the market.


We envisage every concept as part of an integrated communication mix. We consider how it will work across different media, from printed brochures to digital presentations, websites, apps and social media. We make sure it is suitable for your audience and we define the right “calls-to-action”.

We define a strategy to make sure that the most appropriate communication channels are used to reach the target groups. A detailed content calendar forms a solid basis for the next steps in the project.


Branding is more than a logo and company stationery. It is your entire story. It is what gets you out there and keeps you in people’s minds. We can help you to refresh your existing brand, adapt it to business developments or create a new one from scratch!

Our creative approach is grounded in a tried and tested system, inspired by Guillaume van der Stighelen’s ‘Herobrand’. We focus on four elements – Name, Game, Claim and Fame – refining and optimising each one to create the most impactful and memorable result.


Preparation is key… every good story has a logical structure with a beginning, middle and end.

We build the story together, illustrating it with concept images so you can already visualise the finished result. For every website or app, we present you with a wireframe showing how the various functions and content will fit together to create the effect you want.


Photos, 3D imaging, animations and videos are essential not just for promotion but for making technical products and complex subjects easy to understand.

It’s easier to explain how a machine works when you can show it from every angle, including the inside.

But why stop there?
We can integrate a fully customised product configurator or build you a virtual showroom. We have extensive capabilities in 3D modelling, AR, VR and in merging photography with 3D images.

The possibilities are infinite, and the results are unforgettable.


Would you like to deliver a personal message from your CEO? Or offer customers an insight into how a product is made? Perhaps you’re thinking of adding real customer testimonials to your strategy or showing your product in use on a real worksite.

We are experienced in arranging video recordings in studio or on location.

We also  provide studio voice recordings with a selection of actors to help you achieve the professional effect and image you want.


Animations are a valuable and cost-effective way of communicating a complex message. Using 2D and 3D imagery, we build powerful animations that are used for numerous purposes, from company websites and social media to internal training tools.

For more than 15 years, Vintage has focused intensively on staying ahead of current and future trends in 3D virtualisation.

Our 3D team is fully dedicated to virtualising and animating our clients’ products in the right settings to showcase their benefits and features.


We recommend  integrating as much interactivity as possible to involve your audience, reinforce your message and create conversation. Our most recent virtual fairs, shows and conferences allow customers to walk around products and screens, watch presentations and videos, access further information and join in chats.

As a first step, why not offer your customers a configurator or calculator app? Or consider using an iBrochure or iPresentation to promote your next innovation?


Your website is your brand’s showcase. We make sure it is not just visually attractive but also engaging for your visitors. Our UI (user interface) and UX (user  experience) specialists design the best flow to guide your customers towards a purchase and to encourage repeat visits.

After it is launched, we treat your website as an ongoing project, tracking visitor statistics, gauging the success of each page, reporting back to you and discussing opportunities for optimisation.


Amplify your knowledge. Simplify your training.

Designed and developed by Vintage, Amplifier is a training platform that makes even the most technical topics easy to understand. It is simple to maintain, self-explanatory for training managers and learners and can be customised with your brand logo and colours

Amplifier supports any type of content, from 3D animations to virtual reality, alongside videos, webinars and classroom training. It is fully optimised for use on a tablet, laptop or smartphone and caters for different learning styles and paces.


Good visuals are vital to highlight your brand and make sure you stand out from the crowd at trade fairs and conferences. We create promotional materials that reflect your corporate identity and communicate the essence of your products and services.

To communicate the right message, it is important that the visual and text elements of your promotional materials are correctly integrated.

Our designers and copywriters work together to create materials that are targeted to your audience as well as the occasion and application.


For most of our customers, product and corporate brochures, flyers, advertisements, stationery and other printed materials are an essential part of an integrated communication strategy.

From design to production and delivery, we assist you in making offline tools available for your customers and salespeople whenever and wherever they need them.

We also ensure that your printed tools reflect the overall communication strategy and are perfectly integrated with your online tools.


  • Kris Herremans image

    Kris Herremans
    Marketing Manager at Atlas Copco Rental Europe

    The virtual event was a success! We’ve received countless compliments about how amazing it all looked and how easy the platform was to use.
  • Adil Choudry image

    Adil Choudry
    International Director of Marketing at TK Home Solutions

    The new S200 campaign perfectly does justice to our breakthrough product innovation. Vintage has been a creative and reliable sparring partner throughout the process; from inception to creation. Most importantly, the content is relevant across countries and we use it with success across our European markets.
  • Christophe Verreck image

    Christophe Verreck
    Digital Marketing Strategist at AGC Glass Europe

    Vintage has been a real contributor to converting our brand promise into very nice materials that will help us to promote our brand better for months to come!
  • Matthias  Hoppstock image

    Matthias Hoppstock
    Senior Manager Digital Sales Enablement for the European market at TK Elevator

    The app brings an outstanding impression! Our colleagues are very enthusiastic. The more relevant content our sales reps have, the better prepared they are to approach prospects, build trust, and eventually close a deal.
  • Margaux Verpoort image

    Margaux Verpoort
    Marketing Coordinator at Unilin

    The response was very positive from both visitors and management. It didn’t even feel like there was a big distance between the participants. We see this as an opportunity to set up more digital events in the future.

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