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WhatsApp + Showpad Integration

  • Share marketing-approved content directly to your social media account. 
  • Understand what resonates.
  • Become a trusted source and thought leader for potential buyers. 
  • Outsell your peers.


Social media is a not-to-be-underestimated part of your communication strategy, often the first touchpoint for sellers to engage with prospects and buyers looking for potential vendors. It's the ideal place where sellers can position themselves as industry experts by sharing relevant content with buyers.

Position yourself as an industry expert and increase your social selling success by quickly sharing marketing-approved content with your social networks. Share content stored in Showpad directly to Twitter, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp, or copy a link to any other social platform using Showpad's extension on Google Chrome.

Research from LinkedIn suggests that in 14 industries, half of the revenue is influenced by social selling. Plus, social sellers get 45% more sales opportunities and are 51% more likely to hit quota. Showpad for Chrome allows you to stay at the forefront by letting you share any relevant content stored in Showpad right from LinkedIn.

Get visibility on content effectiveness, and see what resonates with the market. Track content opens, page-by-page content views, downloads, and forwards. All interactions are tracked in-app, in Salesforce, or Microsoft Dynamics — even when offline.


Business Impact


  • View shared content in Showpad and your CRM
  • Measure what content resonated on social media
  • Understand how to target audiences more effectively
  • Reduce off-brand shares and inconsistent messaging


  • Have ready-made, shareable content at your fingertips
  • Easily share on social media with just a few clicks
  • Automatically log shares in Showpad and your CRM

How it Works

To share content via Whatsapp, you need the Showpad browser plug-in to create the custom sharing link. 

With Showpad for Chrome, you can access and share your Showpad content using your Chrome browser, Microsoft Edge Chromium browser, or Gmail account and track how your prospects and customers interact with it. By using this social selling feature, you can drag and drop content from your local machine and track the sharing activities.

These files are uploaded automatically to your My Files in Showpad, so you can use them again later. You can even navigate through your Advanced Experiences to find the best assets for your prospects.You can also use our advanced search to look for content stored in Showpad and find specific files and folders. When adding selected content, it's possible to allow or deny downloading of the shared assets. If using an Edge Browser, make sure to Allow extensions from other stores in the extension settings.

You have the option to add a customized link to be used along with your LinkedIn, Whatsapp, or Twitter account.

WhatsApp Posts

WhatsApp Posts


Showpad Content

Showpad Content

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