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Agile sales training for accelerated growth

Buying is no longer linear, and neither is selling. With Richardson training, your team can build selling skills quickly to lead customers through their dynamic buying journeys and improve sales results.
• Customized training – sales development solutions built to match your team’s needs
• Digital learning – online resources to enable learning at the speed of sales
• Sales performance analytics – insightful analytics so you can drive better sales outcomes


Showpad and Richardson work together seamlessly to provide sales professionals with easy access to the role-based training they need to succeed in today’s challenging market. Further, your team can use Showpad to access tools and reference resources to reinforce learning and practical application to real-world accounts and opportunities and drive improved sales results quickly.

Richardson’s Connected Selling Curriculum, grounded in behavioral science, addresses the needs of both modern buyers and salespeople. A broad array of training content for essential selling skills, methods, and processes, available in multiple modalities, provides flexibility to develop the capabilities of different sales roles while achieving consistency and common language for the entire team.

Richardson’s Accelerate platform and workflow tools, accessible through Showpad, supports rapid learning and development of mastery of critical selling capabilities. 

Let us show you why more than 3 million professionals in over 1,000 global clients rely on Richardson to empower their sales teams to create value for customers and achieve a competitive edge.



Customized Training

We've done the heavy lifting: identifying the critical selling behaviors most needed to improve sales outcomes and reduce sales cycle duration. The Richardson Connected Selling Curriculum is a deep, broad, and effective solution for helping your sales team learn and apply those critical behaviors in the field. Each of the training programs within the curriculum is customized to enhance skills based on sales role, buyer journey, and complexity of the solution.

Digital Learning

Organizations are experiencing an unprecedented level of change in rapidly shifting markets. Many sales organizations are unable to adapt to this level of change and sellers are struggling to sell in an increasingly fast-paced and complex environment. Richardson's Accelerate Sales Performance Platform, accessible through Showpad, is a digital learning resource that enables sales professionals to develop the right selling skills at the right moment to win sales and drive increased revenue.

Sales Performance Analytics

Investing in your sales team's effectiveness, like all significant investments, needs to be monitored and managed. Richardson offers a systematic approach to measuring sales performance improvement. This creates visibility into the value of your sales training in the immediate, short, and long term. It uses data to guide decision-making about if, when, and how to alter the implementation of training to improve results. It develops a momentum that keeps leaders, managers, and salespeople engaged in the sales effectiveness initiative and accountable for outcomes.

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